Sunday, April 2, 2023

Listen to recordings on two of the other wax cylinders

Okay, yesterday's post was, of course, an April Fools joke. But here's something I can share. The below recordings from YouTube are the same recordings we heard on two of the non-Houdini/commercial wax cylinders in the Copperfield collection. Houdini owned all these cylinders, so this is music that played in the Weiss family home. Enjoy.


Learn more about vaudevillians Billy Murray, Ada Jones, and Will Oakland.


  1. The introductory music that plays while people are being seated for my Parlour show is all Ada Jones and Billy Murray.

    1. Really!? That is great. How about that? A Houdini connection without knowing it. Kinda spooky actually.

  2. Wow! My primo fave era of music! Sure wish I could have been there at that time. When you and I were young Maggie is a old fave of mine, though I don't care as much for this guy's voice on it. I had 78s of ada Jones and Billy Murray years back when I collected them. I bet there may have been some of one of my faves from then, Harry Lauder too, and maybe my fave comedian "Uncle Josh", real name Cal Stewart. Thanks so much. 😊 Whitt Smith