Sunday, March 17, 2024

Houdini in Blackpool's new "Showtown" museum

The door from a jail cell that Houdini escaped from in 1905 is on display at the new Showtown museum in Blackpool, England. What a fantastic artifact! Blackpool native and magician Karl Bartoni shares photos from a special preview he attended last week.

Below is an account of Houdini's Blackpool jail escape on June 12, 1905.

Lancashire Evening Post, June 12, 1905.

The museum also has exhibits showcasing Murray the Escapologist, a long-time Blackpool resident; Karl Bartoni's straitjacket that he used during his Tower escapes; and a reproduction Houdini Milk Can with a cut-out in Houdini's famous 1908 poster that you can try on for size.

Showtown is located in the heart of the Golden Mile next door to Blackpool Tower. The museum showcases the best of the seaside, magic, circus, Illuminations, shows, and dance. For more details, visit the official website.

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Thank you, Karl!

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