Saturday, December 4, 2021

All business

Here's a portrait photo of Houdini you don't see too often. There is a more famous photo taken during this same session that shows Houdini smiling. But here he is all business. This comes from the January 1927 Spanish movie magazine, Cine-Mundial.

While most associate these photos with Houdini's Hollywood days and date them as 1919, I recently found this image used in a 1918 movie magazine. So it appears these were taken in New York and mark some of the first portraits taken of Houdini with his cut and dyed hair and without his mourning suit (yes, I still believe my theory). 


  1. There's that other well known serious expression portrait in the Randi/Sugar book Life and Art. HH loved being photographed. To our benefit in the end. Is there anybody else in that time period who was photographed as much as he was?

  2. Great image! Love that it predates Houdini's Hollywood days and was used in Master Mystery Ads.