Monday, December 14, 2020

10th Anniversary: Bessie on the backlot

It was 10 years ago that I embarked on a little Hollywood archeology in search of the exact spot seen in a photo of Bess Houdini at Paramount studios in the 1930s. Did I find it? Click the link below and find out.

UPDATE: The photo above surfaced in recent years and is the second taken during Bessie's visit that I've seen. I also now know the year was 1935. Of course, Paramount is still there and so is this spot. My theory of its location still holds as far as I can tell. This was among my first Houdini archeological jaunts and has become a favorite thing to do!

With this I'm closing out my year long look back at the 10th Anniversary of WILD ABOUT HARRY. I hope you've enjoyed revisiting some of these past posts.


  1. Wonderful stuff! I love those 1930s Bess in Hollywood photos. She seemed as content and happy as any widow could be. And the magicians and celebrities revered her like royalty. So the Bess DeMille photos were taken close to the famous Paramount gate? The gate we see in films like The Godfather?