Saturday, December 5, 2020

Jade Bird describes being caught by 'Houdini'

Houdini continues to inspire musicians; the latest being Jade Bird who has just released a single called, you guessed it, Houdini. There are so many songs called "Houdini" that I normally don't cover them unless they are specifically about Houdini himself. But I just discovered the following at the website The Boot in which Jade explains her Houdini connection.

I’d stumbled across "Houdini" in a song a while ago and was obsessed with the word. My writing often revolves around words, and although I had the word, I never quite had the concept. 

A little later, when I was beginning to write my second record, I was renting a house in the mountains in upstate New York and saw this weird, framed picture with a sort of strange, upside-down man that I realised was Houdini. It really caught my imagination, and as I was writing, I came up with the idea that Houdini was a metaphor for all the people, especially the male figures, in my earlier life who came and went, without warning. 

It's interesting how she relates to Houdini as a "word" instead of a name. I'm also intrigued by this house in upstate New York with a Houdini photo hanging inside.

Anyway, here's Houdini by Jade Bird.

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