Thursday, December 3, 2020

278 bathtub finds a home at Tannen's Magic

Last Sunday saw the final episode of the Magic Collectors' Corner (for this year). These weekly ZOOM conferences presented by David Sandy and Lance Rich have been a great gift to the magic world in these days of lockdowns. Sunday's finale a standout show all about Tannen's magic store in New York city. A highlight was the surprise participation of David Copperfield, who has a full re-creation of the original Tannen's in his Las Vegas museum.

Another surprise was the revelation that one of the bathtubs from Houdini's 278 now resides in Tannen's current store. This is the tub that went up for auction in July and is believed to have come from Bessie's bathroom. (Two other tubs are owned by David Copperfield and collector Michael Mitnick). Below is an image of the tub from Tannen's Instagram. The store also has a gigantic elephant puppet named Jennie, of course!

So when in NYC, go check out the Houdini tub! Tannen's is located at 45 W 34th St #608, New York, NY. Also visit their newly designed website at

You can rewatch all the Magic Collectors' Corner episodes on Facebook. Thanks again to David and Lance, seen below with the second most famous plane in magic.


  1. So Copperfield and Mitnick each own a tub? Counting the Tannen's tub that makes three, which seems about right. HH and Bess had their personal tubs and the third was for the other people in the house.

    1. Yep, 3 tubs total. Most people don't know about Michael's tub. It was the one that sat in the front portico. He sent me pics. This Tannen's tub was the one in the backyard. I never saw DC's tub, but I expect Fred kept it in storage somewhere.