Monday, December 14, 2020

Ben Affleck set to slip on Houdini's shackles?

For the second time in a week The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the existence of a (new?) Houdini project, this time with Ben Affleck attached as the Handcuff King. In a profile of Jeff Robinov, a former Warner Bros. executive turned producer, it lists his current projects: 

About six months ago, the 61-year-old Robinov started setting up scores of his Studio 8 projects around town, including Black, an adaptation of the Black Mask comic series, at Warners, the family comedy Adulting at Sony and a pair of Ben Affleck star vehicles — Houdini at Disney (with Black Mirror's Dan Trachtenberg directing) and the Robert Rodriguez-helmed thriller Hypnotic at Solstice Studios.

Last I heard Dan Trachtenberg was attached to direct the long in the works movie based on Bill Kalush's book, The Secret Life of Houdini. That project has moved from Summit to Lionsgate and now sounds like it's at Disney?

As with all the other Houdini projects percolating in Hollywood, we'll wait and see. But I'd be fine with Bendini.

UPDATE: Slashfilm reports that Affleck's role is actually not that of Houdini:
THR says this Houdini movie will be a "star vehicle" for Affleck, but we’ve heard that the actor won’t be playing Houdini himself. Instead, Affleck will play a supporting character who is some kind of agent.

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