Thursday, December 15, 2022

A fabulous start to 2023

Before I take my traditional year end break, I wanted to give a shout-out to the first big Houdini happening of 2023. In January the excellent 1961 book Houdini's Fabulous Magic by Walter B. Gibson and Morris N. Young will be reprinted in a new edition with a forward by Gabe Fajuri. Here's a teaser from publisher Vine Leaves Press.

You can pre-order the 2023 edition of Houdini's Fabulous Magic at and Release date is January 17.


  1. Did Gibson ever write about Houdini’s Elephant vanish? I seem to remember that he did and I assume he watched it live at the NY Hippodrome? Eye witnesses of this effect are few and far between. It would be great to read everything Gibson wrote about it!

  2. The Elephant Vanish is discussed in this book. I'm wondering about the quality of the photos. Will they be digitally improved?