Monday, December 5, 2022

Ye Shall Know The Truth

Here's an interesting ad from the December 1, 1922 Richmond Times Dispatch that may flag the moment Houdini went from being a "seeker of truth" to an active combatant against fraud mediums. Looks like he's gathering ammunition...

Richmond Times Dispatch, Dec. 1, 1922.

Below are links to some of the mediums Houdini ensnared. The Truth indeed!



  1. Audience participation was a staple of Houdini's stage act. They were always inspecting the items and locking him up. That feature segued to question and answer plus open discussions in his fraud busting lectures and exhibitions.

    1. That is true. But I feel like this is less about audience participation and more about Houdini's own detective work. He's gathering intel on frauds to go after. Note he asks for addresses if possible. A visit from Rose would be next!

    2. I wonder how she got into Houdini's inner circle to become his fraud busting scout.