Friday, December 16, 2022

Unseen Houdini to end the year

What better way to wrap up 2022 than with an unpublished photo of Houdini that also provides a peek at an unknown poster. This gem comes from the Harry Ransom Center (where else?) and was taken in Boston during Houdini's Christmas week engagement in 1921. I only wish we could see more of the poster behind him.

Below is an ad for that Christmas week engagement. As I shared in my 2020 sign off post, Santa Claus was also on the bill this week.

The Boston Globe, Dec. 20, 1921.

I hope you all enjoyed another year of WILD ABOUT HARRY. I know I enjoyed it. Visiting the Harry Ransom Center in August was certainly a highlight for me. I also made terrific progress on my chronology book. I've embarked on a very exciting Top Secret collaborative project that I think everyone will flip for. And launching a Patreon has proven to be a big success. I really appreciate all the support.

Next year expect more of the same. Because I'm still Wild about Harry! And so are you.

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Happy Holidays


  1. Thanks John, your posts are always great!

  2. We all appreciate everything you do to keep the spirit of Harry alive.

  3. Thank you so very much for all your very hard work on this brilliant page. A Very Happy Christmas to you all.

  4. Thanks for all these interesting posts. I recently learned that Harry has been inducted into the Masonic Hall of Fame in Lexington MA.