Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"A DAM GOOD TRICK" for International Escapology Day

Today is International Escapology Day. Established by the Global Escapology Organisation (GEO), escape artists from around the world are encouraged to post videos of themselves performing an escape with the hashtag #internationalescapologyday. You can keep up with today's activities on the official Facebook page.

The date of September 21st was chosen in honor of Houdini's debut of the Water Torture Cell in Berlin on September 21, 1912. Last year I presented a short video about Houdini's most famous escape. This year I'm sharing something VERY special from the collection of our friend David Haversat of David Haversat Magic.

These two pages of notes written by Houdini himself mark the genesis of the Water Torture Cell, or as he calls it, "A DAM GOOD TRICK." This extraordinary document has never been published. It does touch on secrets, so this is for patrons only. Click below to go:

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