Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Charles Young talks Houdini's Fabulous Magic

Charles Young talks about his father Morris N. Young and the book Houdini's Fabulous Magic on the In the Corner Back By the Woodpile podcast. It's a great interview and Charlie even kindly mentions my site. You can listen below.

As covered in the interview, Houdini's Fabulous Magic was recently republished by Vine Leaves Press. It can be purchased on Amazon.com. You might also want to check out the official website and read Charles' own Houdini blog.


  1. I love this book. It's so fascinating to see many tricks and methods that we did not know at the time. My favorite part was the jumbo card star. I don't know why more magicians do not do this version of it.

  2. The 1977 Barnes & Noble paperback was my first copy of this book back in the late 70s. I lost it later on but eventually picked up the later printing gray hardcover edition. It's a fabulous book. The contents are fascinating as Michael points out. There would nothing like this book until Patrick released The Key years later.