Thursday, April 6, 2023

LINK: Kiwanis Experience the Magic of the Houdini Estate

The Burbank Leader has posted coverage from The Magic of Kiwanis event last month at the Houdini Estate in Laurel Canyon. I had a nice conversation with the reporter, David Laurell, and I think he does a great job encapsulating the house history here. They even caught a pic of me yapping it up to one of the groups inside the house.

Click here or on the headline to have a read at the Burbank Leader.


  1. This is a fantastic photograph! John has everybody's full attention in the room. If I was sitting there I would be absorbing his lecture as well. Those people have the world's foremost expert on Houdini standing in front of them. They are a lucky bunch.

    1. Thanks Leo. How it worked with this event is I planted myself in the house. People would sort of peek in exploring, never sure if there were allowed to be in there, and I would welcome them in. When a group assembled, I would do a little five minute history on Houdini and the property and answer questions. Sometimes the group was small, sometimes large. I must have done a dozen short talks.

    2. You're welcome! Keep giving those HH talks!