Sunday, June 4, 2023

Flashback: Houdini vs. Success

I've always felt like Houdini's escape from the famed prison ship Success on June 4, 1913 doesn't get enough attention as one of his greatest escapes. But it really was! It's also, I believe, his last official "jailbreak."

So on this 110th anniversary, why not click back to my deep dive from 2018 and give it some love:


  1. Thanks for that trip back in time! Poor Harry had no idea what was waiting for him around the corner. When was the falling out with Leo? I thought it was before this film of him driving the car. Mama dies a month later presumably with that message for Harry still with her. Forgive?

    1. The falling out with Leo doesn't come until 1917. The "forgive" thing has been conflated and confused by biographers and later Hollywood. I do have theory about what it was really all about.

    2. Oh thank you for the clarification! I fell for that "forgive" narrative, and I'm definitely all ears on your theory when you're ready to share it.