Thursday, June 29, 2023

Houdini '53 at 70: Cut scenes

Continuing our 70th Anniversary celebration of Paramount's classic Houdini starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Not everything shot for Houdini '53 made it to the screen. Two notable cuts scenes showed recreations of Houdini's famous Milk Can escape and his plane to plane transfer from The Grim Game. Here's a peek at both.

Photos of the Milk Can escape did circulate among the publicity material and the Milk Can even appeared on at least one poster. It's a shame The Grim Game scene didn't make it into the film as it was a nice nod to Houdini's movie career in film made by the same studio.

But these weren't the only cuts. One cut scene that doesn't get much mention showed the Houdinis performing a cremation illusion beginning to end. As with the above scenes, this was to have been part of in the first "success montage."

You can see 20 photos showing the entirety of the cut cremation scene as a member of my Pateron by clicking the image below. Non-members can buy the photos at my new digital store HERE.

I would sure love to see these cut scenes. But I think the chances of that are about a good as the chances of Houdini coming back!

UPDATE: I've now added 25 photos from the cut Milk Can scene to my digital store. Patrons can download these free. Non-patrons can buy for $3. Just click below.


  1. The milk can prop can be seen today in the Houdini seance room at the Magic Castle.

    1. Is it a working can or just a prop?

    2. I am not sure.

    3. You can see a picture of it here.

    4. I've always heard that can belonged to Leo Irby. If it's gaffed, I don't know how.

  2. Leo did the milk can on "you asked for it"

  3. I've added 25 photos of the cut Milk Can scene to my new digital store. Patrons can download for free. Non-patrons can buy for $3. CLICK HERE