Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Todd Aydelotte runs in Coney Island

Ultrarunner Todd Aydelotte has clocked another in his series of historic Houdini runs in New York City. This time he's in Coney Island.

As Todd explained in this post, he's following a path of Houdini history leading up to an all-day ultrarun. You can follow his progress on Instagram @toddaydelotte.


  1. Following Houdini can be a frustrating experience. The non existence of a much desired time machine is like a wall between him and present day fans. Didn't he walk from 278 to the Hotel Shelton on the morning of that test?

    1. Sounds like Todd is having a pretty euphoric experience following Houdini. :)

      I don't recall HH walking to the Shelton. Seems like it would not have been wise to tire himself before the test. I know he exercised for an hour after.