Friday, February 9, 2024

See 'Ragtime' in Fort Wayne

This is a good month for Houdini in the theater. Here's a nice poster showcasing Lincoln Everetts as Houdini in the popular musical Ragtime at the University Saint Francis Performing Arts Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The play opens tonight and will run every weekend, Friday through Sunday, until February 18. You can purchase tickets and get more information HERE.

Can you believe I've never seen Ragtime? I gotta fix that.


  1. I saw this wonderful production today and highly recommend it. Houdini escapes from chain handcuffs, body chains and a straight jacket. A fun fact is the actor is 5’ 5” the same height as Harry. I enjoyed providing the magic and coaching the actor.

    1. Thank you so much for coaching me and teaching me all about Houdini! You’ve made an absolute fan in me. Come see this production if you can!

  2. The Production must sure be glad to have had Mr. Del Proctor , one of Houdini’s #1 fans, helping to “make the magic happen!”

  3. Great to see comments from the talented folks involved in this production. Break a leg everyone! :)