Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ragtime's first Houdini in fatal crash

Here's some tragic news. NBC reports that Chicago actor Bernie Yvon, who played Houdini in the first National Tour of Ragtime in 1998, had died in a fatal car crash in Northwest Indiana.

Yvon, 50, was on his way to rehearsal at a theater in Munster where he was scheduled to perform in Women On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, set to open next week.

General Manager of Theatre at the Center, Richard Friedman, said, "This is a tremendous loss of a fantastic performer and treasured colleague. Bernie made everyone he met feel better about life and every audience member who saw Bernie's work was fortunate to be entertained by a masterful artist."


  1. I wonder if his crash had anything to do with that huge thunderstorm that ripped across the Midwest to the East Coast yesterday. Actress Molly Glynn was killed yesterday by a falling tree while cycling with her husband at a forest preserve in Northfield , Chicago.

    1. Could have been. Looks like a pretty terrible crash involving a tractor trailer truck. Conditions could have been an issue. Horrible.