Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A taste of Houdini horror from Italy

Lisa Mannetti's 2015 novella The Box Jumper will be released next month in Italy as Houdini Passione Oscura ("Houdini Dark Passion"). The publisher is Astro Edizioni. Below is the rather intense cover art and a description (translated via Google) from the website Horror Magazine.

A disturbing tale of madness and mystery. Lisa Mannetti leads the reader into a maze and illusion scandal surrounding Harry Houdini, world famous magician. Elusive like a magic trick, the story unfolds through the memories of one of his former assistants, Leona suffering from various mental disorders. The words of the novel entice the reader to explore an obscene liars and lust world. As soon as the layers of intrigue unfold, the reader is forced to keep reading...

I can find no links to purchase this Italian edition, but the English edition of The Box Jumper is available on (U.S.) and (UK). For more on Lisa Mannetti visit her official website.



  1. The links for the Italian edition will be available at the end of April. Best

    1. Great. Thanks, Francesca. I will add them to the above as soon as they appear.