Sunday, September 16, 2018

New Italian Houdini biography by Massimo Polidoro

Codice in Italy has released Houdini, Mago dell'impossibile by Massimo Polidoro. This is an updated version of the biography originally published in 2001. This new edition runs 468 pages with dozens of photos and a 16-page insert of color photos as well.

Says Massimo, "I have tried to strictly adhere to Ken Silverman's scientific historian's approach… even though, here and there, I have also told some of the best "almost true" stories, but always clarifying that they were unproven or downright fabrications. I am very satisfied with the final result and I hope that Houdini buffs will like it and, above all, that it will help reach a new generation of readers that may have never heard of Houdini."

The book is in Italian, but Massimo says he and his publisher are considering some options for translations.

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  1. If Massimo doesn't get this translated to English, I can't buy it and he's losing out on a huge English speaking market. I purchased Eduardo's book cuz I can read Spanish but it was a chore and some words went by me.

    1. You read the Spanish bio? How was it? Anything groundbreaking?

    2. Not entirely. The book is 519 pages and I made to 374-75, where HH finished Terror Island and returned to N.Y.C. and purchased Martinka. The bookmark has been in that spot for quite some time. Nothing up to there stood out as groundbeaking. It's a nicely written bio with up to date information. Think of a Spanish version of Silverman with updated info like stuff from Wild About Harry and Culliton's books.