Thursday, December 14, 2017

Margery materializes on eBay

A remarkable edition of J. Malcolm Bird's Margery The Medium was recently listed on eBay where it sold for a Buy It Now of $1,200 (at least I think it did -- I can't quite tell from the ended auction). What makes this copy so special is it's signed by Margery herself (as Mina Stinson Crandon) and also includes a special stamp quoting her deceased brother and spirit guide, Walter. Only one other example of this stamped book exists in the collection of Dr. Bruce Averbook. It also still has the original dust-jacket.

Houdini was no fan of this book. He once inscribed a copy: "The author of this book is a liar." (That copy sold for $3,900.) Indeed, author J. Malcolm Bird was in charge of the Scientific American committee investigating Margery's alleged powers, on which Houdini served. But Bird was infatuated with Margery and was secretly suppling the Crandons with information the entire time.


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