Saturday, December 16, 2017

Houdini rings in the New Year with $738

A Houdini postcard wishing a "Happy and Prosperous New Year" sold today at Potter & Potter's Winter Magic Auction for $738. The postcard was sent to escape artist Joseph Kolar and is postmarked December 28, 1923.

Another postcard, which I actually find a more interesting piece of Houdini history, sold for a more modest $153. That card (below) promotes his 3 Shows In One at the Princess Theater in Chicago in a unique way.

Other lots included $3,120 for an Elliott’s Last Legacy inscribed by Houdini. A press photo of Houdini dangling in a straitjacket went for $1,045. A lettergram from Houdini to Charles Carter (Carter the Great) took $1,045. A broadside from the East Ham Palace Theater landed at $1,599.

Speaking of the holidays, this is my last regular post of the year. Tomorrow I will share my 2017 wrap-up and then take my usual end of year break.


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