Thursday, June 25, 2020

Locking down Houdini in Kansas

Don Creekmore, a lifelong resident of Kansas with a particular interest in the history of the Wichita area, is writing a book about Houdini in the Sunflower State. Don has launched a very well done website showcasing his research and asking for help in locating Houdini in Kansas. I love specialized work like this, and Don's site has me dazzled, especially all the new info he's uncovered on the California Concert Company. Have a look:

"Like many youngsters, Harry Houdini was almost a mythical figure in magic and history to me. How could someone bigger than life have any notable connection to Kansas? As my interest in his life, feats and mythology grew I stumbled upon a piece of faded fragile paper that would set in motion my desire to learn about Houdini's connection to the state & people of Kansas. As fate would have it, I would get married to my high school sweetheart in the Wichita Orpheum theater where Houdini performed in 1923.

So what was the faded piece of paper that started everything? As they say, you will have to wait for the book....."  -Don Creekmore


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