Monday, April 11, 2022

The Grimm Life Collective: Houdini in Pittsburgh

Here's another video from Michael at The Grimm Life Collective. This time he takes us on a short tour of Houdini's Pittsburgh. I love seeing Houdini locations!

This video is from 2019 and you'll notice Michael says the building that housed the Alvin Theatre, where Houdini played his 3 Shows on One for two weeks in 1925, was due to be demolished in 2021. However, looking on Google Maps, it appears the building is still there.

The Pittsburgh Press, Sept. 13, 1925

You can find links to all the outside videos I share via my Linked Videos list at the Wild About Harry YouTube Channel.


  1. Mike did a great video!!! Was there a date for that suspended straitjacket escape in front of that newspaper building?

    1. Hey actually did two SSJs in Pittsburgh. Nov. 6, 1916 is the photo he shows. Our friend Lee Terbosic recreated the escape on the 100th anniversary in 2016. Check that out in my related links. HH then repeated the stunt on March 7, 1922, presumably on the same spot.

    2. Confirmed that the Pittsburgh Post was still located at Wood and Liberty in 1922, so, yeah, two escapes at the same spot. Not sure I've ever seen a photo of the 1922 escape.

    3. Thanks!!! might have a photo of the 1922 SSJ.

    4. I can find a report on the escape, but not a photo.