Monday, April 25, 2022

Houdini fiction thrives in self-publishing

I've generally stopped collecting Houdini fiction. I just don't have the shelf space and I have enough work stripping the fiction from Houdini's real life! But I understand how people enjoying reading and writing Houdini fiction, and the genre is alive and well, especially in the world of self-publishing. Here are two relatively new self-published titles with interesting approaches.

Burning the Red Candle: The Life and Death of Harry Houdini by Carley Eason Evans tells the story of Harry and Bess with a unique approach.

Burning the Red Candle tells the story of The Houdinis: Harry, Bess and their imaginary son, Mayer tell their tale from their early days of medicine shows to their last days during which Harry participates in an ongoing battle with the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Harry insists he does not possess supernatural powers while Conan Doyle and other spiritualists claim that he must. Throughout their marriage, Harry's wife, Bess struggles with anxiety and depression. In an effort to cope with everyday life, she creates a son for the childless couple. Knowing Harry seeks to communicate with his dead mother, Bess promises him that when her husband dies, she will burn a red candle and wait for his message from beyond the grave. Imaginary Mayer is both playful child and dutiful companion, continually six years old for his mother, Bess while growing up for his father. Each Houdini speaks about the life and death of the greatest magician of all time, Harry Houdini.

The Houdinis imaginary child, Mayer Samuel, is rooted in fact. Ruth Brandon revealed the existence of "Mayer" in her 1993 biography, The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini.

Another self-published work is Houdini's Return: The Metamorphosis of Ehrich Weiss by J.W Cross. As the title suggests, the book ponders the possibility of Houdini's return from beyond.

A strange occurrence in a small magic shop sets into motion a series of events that leads to the impossible. After all, it’s no easy task to return from the grave—even for Houdini. But with the help of a few hand-selected if unwitting accomplices and the guidance of a secret notebook penned years ago, the impossible could become reality. And when modern science finally catches up to Houdini’s vision, the legendary magician who once escaped from ropes, handcuffs and straightjackets, may finally escape the bonds of death. To help him accomplish this, however, the Great Houdini will have to rely on the person who doubts him the most.

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