Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Michael Albright to design the Houdini diary book

I have some exciting news today about the upcoming Houdini diary book. Michael Albright has come onboard as the book's designer. If you check out Michael's official website, you'll see why this is such great news. He is an artist and a superstar in the world of design.

Michael designed the Dai Vernon book Revelation for Mike Caveney, who is also publishing the diary book. Says Mike, "I have published over 50 books on the history and practice of Magic but the one Michael designed has been called not just the most beautiful book I have ever published, but the most elegant book in the magic world."

This book will reproduce every page of Houdini's very first travel diary from the collection of Dr. Bruce Averbook, along with annotations written by myself and images from major collections. How all those elements come together is a design challenge, so it's in the right hands! I can't wait to see what Michael Albright does with Houdini.

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