Friday, July 7, 2023

Abbott's wants you to be ready for "Houdini 26:26"

There's no question the Centennial of Houdini's death on Halloween 2026 is going to be a big night for magic. Now the Abbott Magic Co. is getting out in front with a new publication, SEANCE HOUDINI 26:26: The 100 Year Houdini Seance. Here's a description:

The great Houdini died Oct 31st, 1926 and vowed that if it was possible to escape death he would return. Now with the help of this book, you can create your own Houdini seance on stage or in your home and be ready for the 100th anniversary of his death which will be Oct 31st, 2026 at 1:26 pm, or as we like to say Seance 26:26.

I'm not sure I'm ready to adopt their "Houdini 26:26" moniker, but I'm excited to see the hype already beginning for the 100th. 

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