Monday, July 31, 2023

Houdini's history with the S.A.M. told in new book

Magic In America: The Story of The Society of American Magicians by David Goodsell with Theron M. Christensen and edited by David Charvet, is a new book that tells the remarkable 120 year history of the S.A.M.

David Goodsell spent many years traveling to research libraries and museums to collect everything about the history of the Society. His meticulous research and complete writing formed this first-ever complete story of the Society of American Magicians. As David became ill, he called on his friend Theron M. Christensen to write some chapters. After David passed away, another David, David Charvet, took over the job of editing the massive manuscript. The results are historic, entertaining, surprising, and monumental.

The book includes a chapter on "The Houdini Years" with a wealth of information about Houdini and the organization that was such a big part of his life. In general, I feel like Houdini's involvement with the S.A.M. is never really given the proper amount of attention in biographies. This book certainly makes up for that!

Magic In America The Story of The Society of American Magicians is published in a standard and Deluxe Edition. You can purchase directly from the S.A.M. website

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Thanks to David Charvet.

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