Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Rapper Nas uses Houdini clip to tease new album

The popular rapper Nas (Nasir Jones) used a clip of Houdini on his Instagram to tease his new album (Magic 2). Musicians continue to have an affinity for Houdini and this is just another example of how Houdini remains a part of pop culture. Nas's Instagram has 6.7 million followers.

While most saw this and wondered what the new album would be, I saw this and wondered which suspended straitjacket escape this was. There is one visible clue. Very briefly a large sign for Pureoxia Ginger Ale can be spotted on a building in the distance. 

Pureoxia Ginger Ale was made by the Pureoxia Company in Boston. So could this be Boston? If so, this could be Houdini's escape outside the B.F. Keith’s Building at Tremont Street on Feb. 28, 1917 or his escape at the Boston Post Building on Washington Street on Dec. 22, 1921.

Below are more musical Houdini fans.

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