Thursday, June 27, 2024

Houdini's Water Torture Cell 1 oz Silver Coin

Spectres has produced a 1 oz silver coin celebrating Houdini's Water Torture Cell. The coin is legal tender with a face value of 1000 Francs CFA. Details below.

Step back into the golden age of magic with Spectres' Houdini's Water Torture Cell coin. This 1 oz .999 pure silver coin pays homage to Harry Houdini, the illustrious Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer. Celebrating the centennial legacy of the Water Torture Cell, invented in 1912, this coin captures the essence of one of the most daring feats in escapology. A limited edition of just 1000 coins worldwide, each piece intricately shaped and proofed with color, the coin features a vintage illustration of Houdini in his self-named "Upside Down" escape act. This coin is not just a tribute to Houdini’s iconic 1912 invention but also a valuable piece for collectors and enthusiasts of American history. 

You can buy the Houdini Silver Coin directly from Spectres. I've been told they have 8 left. I've also seen it available from sellers on eBay.

Below is a video that gives a good look at the coin. You can also watch an unboxing video HERE.


  1. Only six left now, thanks brother.

  2. Looks like we sold 'em out. On backorder.

  3. You can backorder it at the Spectres website. Link is there in the story. You can also seek one out on eBay.

  4. Delivered today, beautiful worth the wait…