Saturday, June 22, 2024

130 years bound

Today is Harry and Bess Houdini's 130th wedding anniversary. The couple married in Coney Island on June 22, 1894. To mark the occasion, here's a beautiful unpublished photo from the collection of John C. Hinson showing the Houdinis in 1924. Forever bound!

"We have starved, and starred together. We have had our little tiffs but your sunny smile, and my good (?) sense always smoothed out the bitterness. I love you—love you—and I know you love me. Your very touch, your care of me dearest and the laughter in my heart when you put your arms around me prove it. Think dear heart, twenty five years. . . .yours till the end of the world and ever after."
-Note written by Houdini to Bess on
their their 25th Anniversary

Want more? You can read the original 25th anniversary letter from Harry to Bess as a member of my Patreon below. This gem comes from our friends at the Harry Ransom Center.


  1. It's kinda bizarre that no marriage certificate has ever been found. HH was the type to secure important documents for safekeeping. A document like this one had to have been important enough to safely file away