Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Trudy Monti's new edition of The Zanetti Mystery

Our friend Trudy Monti has published a new paperback and hardcover edition of Houdini's The Zanetti Mystery.

Houdini's last published book, a romantic murder mystery thriller, was originally published as an 8-week newspaper serial, combining his love of mystery with his desire to expose fraudulent mediums. Thirty-five years of study and thirty-five years of experience gathered in every quarter of the world by the master of a unique profession went into the making of The Zanetti Mystery by Houdini in 1925. 

AND NOW – Ninety-eight years later, Houdini’s novella is presented to the public as Houdini’s final book.

Of course, Joe Notaro first collected and published The Zanetti Mystery in 2022. Trudy tells me she embarked on this project before she was aware of Joe's book. Her edition does not include the extra content one finds in Joe's book, but she did commission nice new original cover art. 

Hey, if the world is big enough for a dozen different editions of A Magician Among the Spirits, etc., I think it's big enough for two Zanettis!

You can purchase Trudy Monti's The Zanetti Mystery on and Joe Notaro's edition of The Zanetti Mystery is also still available from

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  1. I ordered mine and Trudy sent it to me autographed by her. Looking forward to reading it.