Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A word from our sponsor...

This ad appeared in the Boston Globe during Houdini's appearance in that city in March 1906. Houdini always went over big in Boston, and this ad really speaks to that. I don't know if Houdini had anything to do with it, but I'm sure he was happy with the free publicity, despite being a non-drinker. Cheers!

Boston Globe, March 31, 1906.

Below are some more examples of Houdini (and Bess) in advertising.



  1. The wicker basket escape. I need to look that up in Gibson's book. This ad is a historical recap of HH's stage repertoire by 1906. It's all there: straitjacket, cuffs, packing case, and jail breaks. P. B. Ale would prolly be filling HH's Milk Can with their spud a few years later when the can entered the picture.

    1. I've discovered LOTS of wicker basket challenges at this time. But the only image I know of HH and a wicker basket is in the "How I Get Out of My Rope Ties" article.