Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mrs. Flitcroft day

In case you haven't noticed, I moved my "TODAY in Houdini History" sidebar feature exclusively to my Twitter (#HoudiniHistory). I thought this was a good day for the reminder as today marks Houdini's 1908 visit to Mrs. Flitcroft at her home at 328 S. Sixth Street in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Mrs. Flitcroft was the woman who took in the 12-year-old Ehrich Weiss during his runaway days and looked after him. Houdini never forgot her kindness and looked after HER for the rest of her life. The below pic from Houdini His Life Story (which may or may not be 1908). In it we see she's wearing a mink stoll Houdini bought for her.

According to a 1994 Mystifier, Mrs. Flitcroft's house was still standing (at that time). A Google search does turn up what appears to be an old house at this address. But is it old enough to be the original? Wouldn't that be wild.

 Here's to all the caring Mrs. Flitcrofts out there!


  1. HH visited the Flicrofts more than once. Silverman published another photo of a visit.

    1. Oh, yes, I forgot about that pic! A photo of Mr. and Mrs. Thanks.

    2. You're welcome! To me it looks like HH is holding something in that photo like a tube or trumpet. It's most likely a trick of the light.