Monday, November 7, 2011

LINK: Houdini swears by Zam-Buk

Here's a fun post on the Rose & Co. blog showing an old advert Houdini did for Zam-Buk, which was some kind of a medicated soothing cream. Rose & Co now own Zam-Buk, and you can actually still buy the product from their website. The blog post rightfully points out that this is a very early example of a celebrity endorsement.

Also note that Dean Carnegie commented on the story directing readers to his own blog, Magic Detective, where he posted an advert for Zam-Buk featuring Hardeen.

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  1. It was almost a year ago that I found the piece on Hardeen and Zam-buk. But at the time I posted it I didn't know that Houdini also was featured in the ads. I honestly, don't know which one of them were used in the ads first, though it was probably Houdini and then Hardeen.



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