Thursday, February 18, 2021

Another German gem

Here's a new find from the April 1, 1901 Altonaer-Nachrichten when Houdini was appearing at the Hansa Theater in Hamburg. A couple photos I've not seen before. Das ist gut!


  1. Mein gott! Look at those photos! Incredible! And this just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. And it says(under the pictures and his name):
    The only Solver of every restraints from every type.

  3. Some thoughts about the photo montage. In the far right photo HH is free of all the manacles. The handcuffs are being displayed interlocked and the leg irons are on the floor--open! Not typical of HH to leave the manacles unlocked and wide open after escaping. That takes away the mystery.

    The bottom photo shows him crouching to open the leg irons with his back to camera. Could this have been a method of concealment without a cabinet? Maybe he would do this in police stations in a corner of the room when there was no closet to hide in.