Thursday, July 22, 2021

FLASHBACK: Houdini's first stunt in Times Square

During my 
summer slowdown I'm offering up some relevant "flashback" posts. Today we head to NYC.

It was 109 yers ago today that Houdini did his first outdoor stunt in New York's Times Square and, no, it wasn't a suspended straitjacket escape. It was something that is now largely forgotten. 

But you can remember it by CLICKING HERE and revisiting my post from 2018.


  1. Is there a photo of the Heidelberg Building somewhere? The New York Times firewalled me. This escape was a transition. Harry was experimenting to see what worked. The bridge jumps had run its course as a crowd gatherer theater ticket seller, and something closer to the center of the city was needed. He found it quickly with the suspended.

    1. When I first wrote this post I couldn't find a good photo. Haven't looked lately.