Sunday, July 25, 2021

Salem will rename street "Houdini Way"

The City of Salem, Massachusetts, will rename Front Street to "Houdini Way" in honor of Houdini's jailbreak from the Front Street police station on April 16, 1906. Below is the motion from the Office of the City Clerk.

Houdini performed with his own vaudeville touring company in Salem from April 16-18, 1906. This was his only appearance in Salem (as far as I know). The building that stands at the site of Houdini's jail break is the original.

Thanks to Erik Bartlett at TheMagicDetective Group for the alert.


  1. I live in the next town and fly home tomorrow. Will go and check this out! Very cool.

    1. Great. This appears to have just happened so not sure the sign is up yet. But would love to share a photo when it does.

  2. Was about to get super excited as I lived in Salem too. But unfortunately not the one in Mass.