Monday, July 19, 2021

LINK: Amedeo Vacca - Secret Houdini assistant and much more

Dean Carnegie has a wonderful POST at The Magic Detective about Houdini's little-known assistant and collaborator Amedeo Vacca. I especially love that Dean identified Vacca in the photo of the Shelton Pool test "uncover." Dean has also devoted an episode of his Magic Detective Podcast to Vacca.  


  1. HH buys a barbershop so he and Vacca can talk in plain sight? Now THAT is a secret service.

    1. The barbershop thing is so wild. I hope it's actually true. It first appeared in Kalush and the only source is the 1947 Linking Ring article about Vacca. Would love to know more.

  2. I had no idea he was the same Amadeo in Frank Garcia's book Amadeo's Continental Magic.

  3. So, idk if anyone has any information, our would be willing to talk, I'm Amadeo's great grandson, my dad talked in passing about him but he passed away when I was 12. And my mom is his 2nd wife after his father passed away and he took his first wives name for reasons I still don't know. Would love to learn more about his story though if anyone can direct me to more reading, books, etc.