Monday, October 25, 2021

The Houdini Conspiracy by Christopher G. Owen

It's been a while since we've had some Houdini fiction to sink our teeth into, and this one sounds like quite the meal! Below is the official plot summery for The Houdini Conspiracy: The Crusade Against Spiritualism by Christopher G. Owen.

It is the 1920s and Catholic leaders do not want another wave of spiritualism in America, especially after barely containing the last one. Now as a new organization emerges armed with their own bible, they fear they are about to witness a highly organized attack on the religious hegemony in the New World. One of the leaders of this organization is Cora Richmond, a deep trance medium who has just authored a troubling book.

Erik Weisz, otherwise known as the Great Houdini, is a world-class showman and flamboyant self-promoter who is in the waning days of his career when he receives the commission of a lifetime from his handlers: to lead a worldwide crusade to destroy the spiritualist movement in America so it will never recover to its former level. As established religions of the world, based on a flimsy patchwork of myth and stolen history, find their champion in Houdini, now only time will tell if he can singlehandedly sabotage humanity's age-old quest for spirituality and create a heroic legacy that will endure for generations to come.

In this fascinating tale, the Great Houdini is commissioned to lead a global crusade to destroy a modern spiritualist movement in America.

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  1. I’ll be adding that to my Amazon list for sure… nothing like a present to me from me for the holidays. Although I like a good conspiracy, I prefer to think of HH as the protagonist, not a hired gun or chess piece for someone else (although his new passport did show him Catholic. Hmm… )