Monday, January 30, 2023

Interview with Houdini's embalmer

Yesterday I shared to my Patreon an interview recorded by Jon Oliver in 1988 with Jack Gibbons who was one of the men who embalmed Houdini at the W. R. Hamilton Funeral Home in Detroit in 1926. He also saw the living Houdini on stage. You can listen by clicking below.

If you haven't yet joined the Patreon, know there is now six months worth of exclusive Houdini content to be found there. You also have a few days left to download my 1923 Chronology. I'm planning something special for next month's reward, but it's not something I can promote outside Patreon. So you'll have to be a member to even see what it is.

Thank you to my patrons (63 strong) who support all that I do here on WILD ABOUT HARRY.

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