Sunday, January 29, 2023

LINK: First golf lessons in the UK

Joe Notaro has discovered and shared to his blog Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence a photo of Houdini on a UK golf course in January 1914. This would be only the second image of Houdini on a golf course that I'm aware of.

I actually don't think Houdini was a golfer. I suspect these photos were staged for the cameras. But great stuff all the same!

Click the headline to hit the links with Harry at HHCE.



  1. Well I own a third image of Houdini playing golf.
    Bought it at Great Las Vegas sale…
    He is on the tee box waiting his turn while his partner hits.

    1. Really? Fantastic. I wasn't aware of this pic. You know, maybe he was a golfer after all. Thanks.

    2. That would be great if Anonymous would allow John to post the 3rd golf photo. Maybe in Patreon?

    3. I would love to share it on Patreon. If you're game, Anon, please contact me.