Monday, November 6, 2023

Joe Notaro is hot on the trail of the "Tatler Cuffs"

Our friend Joe Notaro at Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence is continuing to investigate the mystery of the "Tatler handcuffs" and has found yet another link in the chain.

As a refresher, in 2014, a page from a 1904 issue of Tatler magazine appeared on eBay that featured a photo of Houdini's Mirror Handcuffs (right). However, the cuffs and key depicted in that photo are noticeably different from the Mirror Handcuffs that survive today in the Copperfield collection. This mystery manacle has come to be known as the "Tatler Cuffs."

Joe had a major breakthrough in 2020 when he found a second photo of the Tatler Cuffs in 1933, along with evidence that Bess gave the cuffs to W.W. Durbin, owner of the American Egyptian Hall Theater and Museum in Ohio.

Now Joe has found compelling evidence that the Tatler cuffs were displayed as part of Ted Heuber's traveling IBM Museum in the 1930s and may have remained in Heuber's possession for a permanent museum that never happened. Joe even found a mention of them in a 1955 Linking Ring.

For this latest development, click over to HHCE and read: The missing IBM Museum is “the key” to the Tatler Handcuffs. This is wild stuff!


  1. Such compelling drama 119 years after the event!
    Perry from NJ.

  2. After inquiring with the IBM about Heuber and the museum, I'm waiting to see if they get back to me.

  3. Is DC aware of the Tatler Cuffs, and Joe's hunt?

    1. I don't think there's anything DC's not aware of. He's gonna make the freakin' moon disappear for crying out loud!

    2. DC is aware :