Friday, November 3, 2023

Inside The Official Houdini Séance 2023

The 2023 Official Houdini Séance was held on Halloween at Holy City Magic in Charleston, South Carolina. According to this year's co-host, Howard Blackwell, "We saw some very interesting things happen, but Houdini did not make an appearance for the 97th year in a row. But, the official Houdini seance was an absolute success!"

Below are some images from the Holy City Magic Facebook page.

Howard Blackwell entertains at the sold-out event.

Tom Boldt delivers opening remarks.

The inner circle is joined.

Psychic Andrea St. Amand leads the effort.

Are you here, Harry?

The 2023 program and souvenir pin.

Here's a fun extra. Before the seance, the group went out for lunch at a local deli. Look what was on the menu. Maybe this is how Harry said "hello" this year?


Thanks to Howard Blackwell, Tom Boldt, Bill Radner, and Fred Pittella. 

Past Official Houdini Séances:


  1. I see the Hungarian Cuffs on the table. Nice to know Bill Radner nods to the past and continues the tradition.

  2. By the way, I'm hoping to entice the Official Seance to California next year because there's a location that I think would be perfect for 2024. Fingers crossed.🤞

    1. No. But that would be a great place for an Official Seance any year.