Monday, November 13, 2023

Dua Lipa has to explain Houdini was a real person

In an interview with Italian radio station RDS, pop star Dua Lipa explained how she uses Houdini in her new song:

"Houdini is an escape artist and I love the idea of using him as a metaphor for knowing your own worth, knowing when to stay in a situation, knowing what you deserve, and also when something doesn't go your way or something doesn't feel right, knowing when to leave or knowing when to go Houdini. And in this sense, I use Houdini as a verb as well."

Nice answer. But then the interview took a slightly embarrassing turn, which you can watch for yourself below:

To be fair to the interviewer, English is not her first language, and I suspect she meant "epic." But thank you, Dua, for doing the Lord's work!

You can watch the full interview on UPROXX. Purchase "Houdini" on Amazon Music U.S. or Amazon Music UK. Watch the video on YouTube.


  1. While Houdini is a name/persona whose fame has carried around the world for for generations, it is not uncommon to hear people surprised to learn he was a real flesh and blood person...Biblical or otherwise. She may have meant Bibilical or epic in nature, but to some, his image as a Prometheus and/or G-D like figure who could break free of their shackles and rise up above it all, continues.

  2. I don't find the idea of mistaking Houdini for a fictional character to be unflattering. He was larger than life!