Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Broken wand ceremony 2023

The Society of American Magicians held their annual broken wand ceremony at Houdini's grave yesterday. Joe Delvin, president of the parent assembly of the S.A.M., conducted the ceremony. Benjilini handled the religious service. Dorothy Dietrich broke the wand. The photo below comes courtesy of our friend and attendee Fred Pittella.

The wand-breaking tradition began with Houdini's death in 1926. The S.A.M. has continued the ceremony every year since 1969.


  1. Although, I have been very sad, disheartened about the butchering of my fellow Israelis in the land of my birth, ISRAEL, the kidnapping of 240, and the wounding of 4800+ in Israel, I gathered myself to lead the Hebrew prayers with its English translation at the 'SAM-PA#1 ANNUAL HOUDINI BROKEN WAND GRAVESITE

  2. Allowing me to honor Houdini ALWAYS touches my heart and continues to touch the hearts of many. Leading the Hebrew prayers with its English translation for "Yaakov Tzvi-Ehrich Weiss-Harry Houdini" the son of "Rabbi Meir Samuel the Levite" goes back before my time. Houdini had no children as myself. Therefore, as my Mom before me may her soul rise to a higher level, like Rabbi Valley R.I.P. and 94 year old George Schindler trained me ALL these decades to continue this highly important and symbolic Jewish tradition to honor our M.I. President of the SAM(1917-1926)the legendary "Harry Houdini." Thanks to everyone who attends this annual event. Thanks to Rich Cohn for driving me to the event. It was the "1st" time our Dean of the SAM George Schindler did not attend the service with me. It felt strange for me but I believe he knows it will continue on thru me. Thanks to ALL and G-d Bless YOU! Benjilini