Sunday, November 5, 2023

A look inside the Houdini Estate

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of acting as Houdini historian during a wedding at the Houdini Estate in Laurel Canyon (congratulations Chris and Adrienne). It's great how this has become such a prime Los Angeles event venue that so intrigues people. It's also wild to think I used to crawl around its ruins when I was a kid.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this video from Home Lore. This gives a good look at the property with some nice nods to Houdini history, and the presenter is a lot of fun. Enjoy.

You can find information on how to rent the property for events or even just an overnight stay via the official website. And if you want a Houdini historian on hand, I'd be happy to join the party!


  1. How wonderful! The Estate has become trendy and you fit perfectly as the resident Houdini expert to give talks. The timing was right. A Houdini expert in our times is a great vocation.

  2. I hwve driven by several times when staying with friends further up the hill and keep meaning to go in as the gate has been open. Thanks for the website so I can make a formal request. What a place.