Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Magic Detective starts Season 6 with a double dose of Houdini

Our friend Dean Carnegie kicks off Season 6 of The Magic Detective Podcast with two Houdini-themed episodes.

First up is a look at the infamous Arthur Ford Houdini seances of 1928-29. I've never really tackled the Ford seances and scandal here on my blog, so I'm happy to let Dean tell the story.

Ep 96: The FIRST Houdini Seance

Dean has also posted a reading of the 1981 manuscript The Great Houdini Broadcasts by Val Andrews. Dean gives it an old-time radio feel and plays all the parts himself. It's pretty fun.


  1. Thanks for posting this John. The Great Houdini Broadcasts was a trip to record, seven different voices, lol. Grateful to Brian Hades, son of Micky Hades, for giving me permission to record it.

  2. Great stuff from Dean! Nuggets of info I didn't know like the congressmen who didn't recognize HH in spite of his fame.