Monday, December 21, 2009

Houdini Sounds of Mystery on CD

The Miracle Factory is offering a unique audio CD collection of Houdini related rarities. Houdini: Sounds of Mystery contains nine MP3 audio tracks for the Houdini buff, including:

  • Houdini’s voice in a 1914 Edison recording (the only known recording of Houdini’s voice).
  • The famous 1936 Final Houdini Seance featuring Bess Houdini and Edward Saint.
  • Groucho Marx’s hilarious Houdini anecdote.
  • 1937 Unsolved Mysteries Houdini radio program.
  • Audio recordings of Miracle Mongers and Their Methods, The Right Way to Do Wrong, The Master Mystery, and two vintage articles in audio form, “Handcuff Releases” from Scientific American in 1912 and “The Story of Harry Houdini” from The New York Times in 1918.

For more information and to purchase visit The Miracle Factory website.

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