Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bill Rauscher on Arthur Ford and the Houdini Code

Today marks the 90th anniversary of the infamous Arthur Ford seance in which he revealed the coded Houdini message before Bess and assembled press at 67 Payson Ave. in New York.

I've never really tackled the Houdini Code and its controversy here on WILD ABOUT HARRY, but I wanted to put up something for this anniversary, so below is a full lecture by William V. Rauscher who wrote the book The Houdini Code Mystery and knew Arthur Ford personally. What he has to say about Ford and events of 1929 is pretty interesting. Enjoy.


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  1. thanks for posting this. I just love William Rauscher's lectures. I know he is not a fan of Houdini, but he does have a great deal of knowledge just the same. It was nice to see Stanley Palm, Ben Robinson, and Meir Yedid in the audience.